Looking to grow your savings?

Banking with Global Heritage Union limited is an excellent way to earn interest while you still maintain easy access to your money with internet banking. That's why we created different type of accounts to suit our customers want while banking with us.

Find out below our different bank account.

Checking Account

The most basic type of bank account is the checking account. Think of it as home base. For most people, it’s where their paycheck gets deposited, where bills get paid from, and where they keep the money they need to get to quickly.

  • - No minimum balance required to set up or maintain
  • - Direct deposit
  • - Online banking through your bank’s app or website at any point in time from any where.

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Savings Accounts

A checking account and savings account go together like Batman and Robin. They make a great team, and if you’re setting one up, you might as well set up the other. A savings account is exactly what it sounds like: a place to put your money that you want to save.

  • - No monthly maintenance fee
  • - Online access to your account, including transfers from your checking account
  • - A competitive interest rate

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Money Market Deposit Account (MMDC)

Let’s pretend a checking account and a savings account had a baby. This sweet little money baby would be a money market account. Like a checking account, a money market account might come with a debit card.

  • - Might be limits on the number of transfers and withdrawals you can make each month
  • - Minimum balance may be required to open and maintain the account to avoid fees
  • - Earned interest is minimal but taxable

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Certificate of Deposit (CD)

No, a CD isn’t a throwback to compact discs. A CD is a certificate of deposit. It’s like a savings account but a savings account where you won’t earn much and you could lose even more. With a CD, you’re basically loaning your money to the bank and they’re “rewarding” you with a little bit of earned interest.

  • - You’ll typically earn more interest in a CD than in a traditional savings account but without the ability to access those funds whenever you want.
  • - You’ll pay penalties if you withdraw your funds before the CD matures.

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